TritonWear Assembles Top Leaders In Swimming To Form Its Elite Advisory Board

Courtesy of TritonWear, a SwimSwam partner.

Toronto, Ontario October 00, 2021– TritonWear, the Toronto-based swimming performance company known for its groundbreaking wearable device and world-class data, announces their first Elite Advisory Board, EAB. The EAB’s primary goal is to educate swim teams, coaches, and athletes on the power of leveraging data in training and competition.

‘’In the realm of coach development, I think sometimes coaches are unsure how to successfully incorporate science and data into their programs. I like to think my involvement in this EAB will make it more understandable and palatable for swimmers and coaches alike. ‘’ Tom Rushton, Head Coach of Energy Standard, ISL.

TritonWear believes that more athletes tracking data will result in more knowledge in the sport. It also enables more advanced tools to be developed, positively impacting the sport we all love. The EAB presents a unique opportunity for TritonWear to learn from and with the finest minds in swimming. This group will play an integral role in shaping the future of how everyone trains in the sport and TritonWear products and services as a whole.

‘’Through the years I’ve seen TritonWear grow and evolve from a new technology learning its audience to a very practical and viable tool for coaches and athletes. The swimming world is ready to integrate with more data feedback. I believe that TritonWear can be that solution and I want to help it reach that point.’’ Russell Mark, USA Swimming High-Performance Manager. 

The following EAB members have signed on to serve a two-year terms with TritonWear:

Russell Mark, USA Swimming High-Performance Manager
Todd Desorbo, Head Coach of Virginia Cavaliers, University of Virginia
Tom Rushton, Head Coach of Energy Standard, International Swimming League
Megan Oesting, Head Coach at Bend Swim Club and ASCA Board of Directors Member
Mel Stewart, CEO and Co-Founder of Swimswam
Braden Keith, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of SwimSwam

Tristan Lehari, Founder and CEO, says, “we are thrilled to unite some of the biggest names in swimming around our common goal of evolving our sport through the power of data. The calibre of this group just goes to show how important and timely this is, and we can’t wait to see how we can move the needle together.”

About TritonWear

TritonWear is the world’s most comprehensive swimming analytics platform, bringing elite training tools to athletes and teams. With a sleek wearable device that tucks comfortably into a swimmer’s cap, TritonWear captures and relays 30+ data points in real-time to any mobile device on deck. Triton Score translates athlete data into actionable insights, highlighting the path to faster swimming and keeping the body safe and primed to perform.

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