Kathmandu Urban Marathon

Nepal is the land of Mount Everest. Stunning nature and of course very friendly people. But also the land of the earthquake on April 25th in 2015. The Nepali people are still working hard to recover from that disaster.The Kathmandu Urban Marathon is held every 2 years on April 25th starting in 2018 to commemorate …

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Ile-Ife Heritage Marathon

In 2018, the Ile-Ife Heritage Marathon was founded with the hope of building an event for the entire ancient city of Ile-Ife. For the past 4 years, runners, volunteers, spectators and community members have shown up on the streets of Ile-Ife to support one another and to turn an individual sport into a collective experience.We …

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Palermo Marathon and Half Marathon

The XXVI Palermo Marathon is a scenic low key marathon making it a relatively quiet race. The race gives an opportunity to experience this beautiful Italian city with a unique cultural and architectural heritage.

The Stirling Scottish Marathon

A run through history… from Stewart kings to the American War of Independence.You start and finish your 26.2mile journey at The Kings Park, the nation’s oldest Royal Park. Before a mile has gone you skirt the 17th Century monumental gardens of The King’s Knot, which were in place for the Scottish coronation of Charles 1 …

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Navarino Challenge

The annual sports celebration, Navarino Challenge, returns in Costa Navarino & Pylos and for the 9th year this fall on October 15-17!Aiming to unite people of all ages and abilities once again through its central message “sports unite people”, the renowned as the second “Best in Wellness” event in the world will promote the benefits …

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Losinj Half Marathon

Losinj Half Marathon is a race organized on the Lošinj island belonging to Croatia and located in the northern Adriatic Sea. A mild climate and almost guaranteed sun make this island a perfect autumn destination for visitors from countries where weather is not as inviting.But it is not just the sun and warm climate that …

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Bible Marathon

Join the ancient running challenge“Then a man of Benjamin ran from the battle line the same day, and came to Shiloh with his clothes torn…” One of the first runs recorded in human history – long before the “marathon” in Greek mythology – is mentioned in the Bible, in the beginning of the book of …

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The route is along the path originally run by Pheidippides from Athens to Sparta in 490 BC. According to the legend, Pheidippides, an Athenian messenger, was sent by his generals to Sparta in order to secure reinforcements for the depleted Athenian forces against the forthcoming Asiatic incursion. He then may have died, if he even …

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Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Stagecoach Line 100 mile Ultra & Relay

The Arizona National Scenic Trail stretches 800 miles across the entire length of the state to connect deserts, mountains, forests, canyons, wilderness, history, communities and people. This non-motorized trail showcases Arizona’s diverse vegetation, wildlife and scenery, as well as unique historic and cultural sites. Starting at the U.S.-Mexico border, the path climbs and descends from …

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