SwimSwam Breakdown: Jeanette’s Bullying, ISL Unrest, & Curry’s Practice 18.7

This week on SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss Jeanette Ottesen’s bullying, ISL athletes mulling a boycott ahead of playoffs, and Brooks Curry’s 18.7 50 free Current photo via Jack Spitser/Spitser Photography

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss Jeanette Ottesen‘s book release and what it means that she admits to the longterm bullying of former teammate Lotte Friis, ISL athlete’s nearly boycotting over continued league non-payments, and Brooks Curry throwing down a spicy practice swim at the end of a workout. See full list of topics below:

Danish swimmer Jeanette Ottesen has just released her first book today, Thursday, October 20th, with the biography ‘Fri’ documenting the 33-year-old’s life in and out of the pool. Along with details on her aquatic triumphs within the book, however, there are details surrounding the ongoing bullying of retired Olympic medalist Lotte Friis at the hands of Ottesen.
At the end of practice Tuesday night, LSU swimmers Brooks Curry (18.7) and Jack Jannasch (19.4) threw down fast swims in the 50 freestyle.
Seto revealed to SwimSwam this week that he will soon be splitting his training time between the United States and Japan. He will begin this geo-split later this year, although the 27-year-old is keeping his actual U.S. locations under wraps for the time being.
International Swimming League teams and athletes are mulling a boycott of the league’s upcoming playoff round that is set to begin on November 11 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. At issue is the lack of payment for athletes, staff, and contractors.


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