St George start list: British & Irish Age-Group Men racing at IM WC

It’s not just the Pro athletes who have been waiting more than two-and-a-half years for an IRONMAN World Championship event. For many long distance amateur athletes, the World Champs in Kona is the dream.

Of course, with the delayed 2021 IRONMAN World Championship taking place in St George, Utah on Saturday (May 7), there’s no Ali’i Drive or Queen K this time around, but the topography of Snow Canyon and its surrounds is still impressive.

As we have done for many years now, here are the full listings of all of the UK and Ireland Age-Group MEN set to race in St George.

(You can find the Age-Group Women on this link)


John Thelwell will be racing in the always strong M35-39 division. He has made great strides over the past couple of seasons in the colours of Tri Central UK, which has included a rapid 8:34:33 finish at IRONMAN Tallinn in 2020, and winning the AG race at IRONMAN UK in 2021.

Martin Gannon (M65-69) has plenty of World Championship experience – and podiums – to his name. He was fourth in Kona in 2018 and repeated that 12 months later. Having now moved up in category, can he do even better this time around?

Martin Gannon at at Kona in 2019

Ireland’s Declan Doyle (M45-49) could well be one of the most experienced World Championship athletes on this list. He has been racing IRONMAN World Championship events for at least 15 years!

Best wishes for Saturday from the whole team at TRI247!

*** NOTE *** The athlete information below was extracted from the official race start lists, based on data as at April 5, 2022. Therefore, if there are any errors then that is probably the source!

However, we would like to ensure we have the correct information, so if you do spot any mistakes then please do get in touch with us via [email protected] and we will amend.

UK and Ireland Age-Group Men St George

BIBNAMECATEGORYCOUNTRY2266Arran Mccloskey25-29GBR2289Thomas Davies25-29GBR2304Jack Davis25-29GBR2315Andrew Horsfall-Turner25-29GBR2334Bradley Foster25-29GBR2258Jonathan Nally25-29IRL2290Niall Mccarthy25-29IRL1056Lewis Ball30-34GBR1104Tom Garrett30-34GBR1161Richard Sheldon30-34GBR1177Daniel Anderton30-34GBR1185Charlie Gaimster30-34GBR1203James Hall30-34GBR1214Ben Payne30-34GBR1285Aaron Madden30-34IRL738Hubert Eisdell35-39GBR756James Watt35-39GBR762Mark Williams35-39GBR850John Thelwell35-39GBR871Duncan Chedburn35-39GBR945Andrew Williams35-39GBR947James O’Sullivan35-39GBR968Tom Sherratt35-39GBR973Tom Van Rossum35-39GBR988Chris Cox35-39GBR1016Richard Mckee35-39GBR935James Curran35-39IRL957Paul Doheny35-39IRL1006James Knipe35-39IRL120David Jones40-44GBR128Ben Walton40-44GBR154Lee Williams40-44GBR198Robert Walker40-44GBR211Matt Dine40-44GBR217James English40-44GBR224Thomas Hughes40-44GBR260Daniel Mcparland40-44GBR277Thomas Morley40-44GBR288Phil Murphy40-44GBR310Mark Farquhar40-44GBR345Colin Sadler40-44GBR354Ryan Sherlock40-44GBR405Gary Cummings40-44GBR407James Garland40-44GBR493Tim Davies40-44GBR505Anthony Heaton-Jones40-44GBR565Darren Hull40-44GBR571Tom Smith40-44GBR191Ian Farrell40-44IRL206Thomas Collins40-44IRL106Mark Millar40-44IRL389Derek Sheridan40-44IRL487Jp Mcaree40-44IRL2408Matthew Evans45-49GBR2472Chris Ellett45-49GBR2474Tim Williams45-49GBR2496Patrick Harfield45-49GBR2498Alexander Coyne45-49GBR2507Phil Lester45-49GBR2536Steven Phillips45-49GBR2558Paul Bradford45-49GBR2580Kenneth Heney45-49GBR2669Jon Townsend45-49GBR2710Dan Williamson45-49GBR2742Colin Stone45-49GBR2821Andy Giles45-49GBR2870Tom Griffin45-49GBR2874Graham Stephenson45-49GBR2753Rich Brady45-49IRL2794Owen Martin45-49IRL2798Glyn Tallon45-49IRL2833Declan Doyle45-49IRL1747Tim Young50-54GBR1749Rob Whittaker50-54GBR1815Grant Marshall50-54GBR1832Stewart Conway50-54GBR1876Gordon Jarratt50-54GBR1877Paul Waterhouse50-54GBR1882Chris Wild50-54GBR1893Robert Chatterton50-54GBR1925John Mead50-54GBR1931Simon Saunders50-54GBR1941Rob Haycox50-54GBR1946Chris Burr50-54GBR1980Simon Oldacre50-54GBR2034Scott Whittlestone50-54GBR2092James Charlton50-54GBR2098Brian Gilmour50-54GBR2100David Mantle50-54GBR2139Mark Schofield50-54GBR2156Richard Kane50-54GBR2157Paul Totterdill50-54GBR2178Conrad Ashby50-54GBR2213Richard Hudson50-54GBR1798Ciaran Byrne50-54IRL1955Mark Mccabe50-54IRL1479Salim Mohamed55-59GBR1538Steven Lyons55-59GBR1564Mark Wharton55-59GBR1601Nicholas Welch55-59GBR1644Innes Wright55-59GBR1656Hugh Gibbs55-59GBR1669Mark Edwards55-59GBR1725David Nicholson55-59GBR1509Colin Teevan55-59IRL1327David Virden60-64GBR1353Quin Beech60-64GBR1453Stephen Redwood60-64GBR601Martin Gannon65-69GBR649Nick Hewitt65-69GBR672Charlie Crawford70-74GBR

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