Miami University Women Edge Bowling Green 150-148

The Bowling Green Falcons were able to keep the meet close the entire time, making the final event the deciding one. Current photo via Miami Athletics

Bowling Green vs. Miami (OH)

Saturday, October 23, 2021
Bowling Green, Ohio

Courtesy: Miami Athletics

The Miami University women’s swimming and diving team emerged victorious after a close meet visiting Bowling Green on Saturday, October 23. The RedHawks came out of the final event with a total score of 150 with Bowling Green falling just short with 148.

How it Happened:

Bowling Green and Miami spent much of the meet trading top placements back and forth across each event. Bowling Green swimmers placed first in nine events while Miami swimmers placed first in seven.
Miami was able to avoid getting shut out of the top three of any swimming events, with a swimmer from the RedHawks placing second in six of the seven Bowling Green first place finishes.
Miami opened the meet with a strong showing in the 200 medley relay. The A relay team of  Madeline PadavicSara Lahrach-SanchezEmily O’Connell and Nicole Maier picked up first with a time of 1:44.25, while the B relay team of Angelina CakulsJordyn HomokiErin Szczupakiewicz and Katheryn Antonowich placed third with a time of 1:47.34.
Miami was able to sweep the top three spots of the 200 freestyle thanks to strong performances from Maier (1:52.36), Antonowich (1:56.86) and Honor Brodie-Foy (1:57.58).
Maier was able to pick up another top spot finish in the 100 freestyle with a time of 51.59, in addition to finishing second in the 200 individual medley with a time of 2:05.08, a mere 0.05 seconds behind the Bowling Green victor.
Miami’s other first place finishes were snapped up by Lahrach-Sanchez in the 100 breaststroke (1:05.32), Szczupakiewicz in the 200 butterfly (2:06.63), Brodie-Foy in the 50 freestyle (24.22) and O’Connell in the 100 butterfly (56.11).
The RedHawks ended the meet with the A relay team of Brodie-Foy, Padavic, Homoki and O’Connell placing second in the 200 freestyle relay with a time of 1:35.95, and the B relay of Rachel BottingEmma Schueler, Szczupakiewicz and McKenzie Reid placing third with a 1:37.25 time.

Up Next:
The men’s team will travel to take on Ball State on Thursday, October 28 with a start time of 5:00 p.m.

Courtesy: Bowling Green Athletics

The Bowling Green State University Falcons opened up the new season today (October 23) with a narrow 148-150 loss against Miami University. The 3 meter dive kicked off the day with a Falcon lead, but the RedHawks would quickly take the lead.

The Falcons were able to keep the meet close the entire time, making the final event the deciding one. The 200 freestyle relay team of Elayna Krupp, Juliana Petrak, Riley McNichols and Anna Eriksson were able to claim victory in the event, but it was not enough to take home victory in the meet.

The Falcons were led by a dominant diving outing. At the 3 meter dive to start the meet, freshman Elise Snyder won her first collegiate event. Snyder was followed up by Zoe Smith and Sarah Butt in a sweep of the top three. The 1 meter dive displayed similar Falcon dominance, but from different divers. Sarah Butt placed in the top three again, this time in second as opposed to third, but a victory for Grace Ellis and a third place finish by Kylie Mosset led to another diving sweep.

On the swimming side, reigning MAC Champion Daisy Platts continued to take home wins. She swam the first leg of the second place 200 meter relay team, which was the only event she participated in that she did not win. Platts went on to win the 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke and the 200 IM. In addition to Platts, Kellie House won two events: the 1000 freestyle and the 500 freestyle. 

Overall, Falcon freshman provided a major boost in their first collegiate meet. Divers Sarah Butt and Elise Snyder have already been discussed, but freshmen swimmers also enjoyed quite a bit of success. Moa Karlsson had two top five finishes, including a second place finish in the 1000 freestyle. Lily Kaiser added three top five finishes, including a critical third place finish in the 200 IM at the end of the meet.

Rickey’s Remarks
“I am very happy with the way the team came out and was so aggressive. And I’m so happy with the way they raced and competed. Diving was amazing, swimming was awesome. It was probably the best team … we’ve had, in my opinion. I hope that we continue to move up and improve and continue to be the team that we dream of being.”

Falcon Finishes
200 Meter Relay – 2. Daisy PlattsTaylor HarrisRiley McNicholsAnna Eriksson 1:46.23, 5. Lily Kaiser, Matina Stefinec, Ava VialElayna Krupp 1:48.79, 7. Mary WolffAbigail DolliverNamie EdgeGillian Boal 1:52.62
1000 Freestyle – 1. Kellie House 10:33.89, 2. Moa Karlsson 10:43.86
200 Freestyle – 4. Karen Krosky 1:58.07, 5. Livia Castro 1:59.79, 6. Fabiana D’Ambrogio 2:00.30, 8. Anais Constantinides 2:06.04
100 Backstroke – 1. Daisy Platts 54.97, 4. Lily Kaiser 59.11, 7. Namie Edge 1:01.59, 8. Mary Wolff 1:02.93
100 Breaststroke – 2. Taylor Harris 1:05.90, 5. Juliana Petrak 1:06.59, 6. Martina Stefinec 1:07.11, 8. Abigail Dolliver 1:11.18
200 Butterfly – 3. Ava Vial 2:08.85
50 Freestyle – 2-T Elayna Krupp 24.39, 2-T Riley McNichols 24.39, 4. Anna Eriksson 24.51, 5. Gillian Boal 24.67, 8. Rylie Kennedy 25.27, 9. Amber Saxon 28.05
100 Freestyle –  3. Elayna Krupp 53.23, 4. Riley McNichols 53.42, 5. Juliana Petrak 54.15, 6. Gillian Boal 54.68, 7. Karen Krosky 54.73, 8. Fabiana D’Ambrogio 55.17, 11. Anais Constantinides 56.56, 12. Rylie Kennedy 57.25, 13. Martina Stefinec 57.82
200 Backstroke – 1. Daisy Platts 2:00.41, 3. Lily Kaiser 2:06.89, 7. Gabby Vitela 2:14.37, 8. Mary Wolff 2:18.70
200 Breaststroke – 1. Taylor Harris 2:23.37, 6. Namie Edge 2:29.50, 7. Abigail Dolliver 2:32.04
500 Freestyle – 1. Kellie House 5:08.35, 4. Moa Karlsson 5:13.78, 5. Livia Castro 5:19.92
100 Butterfly – 3. Anna Eriksson 57.77, 6. Ava Vial 58.94
200 IM – 1. Daisy Platts 2:05.03, 3. Lily Kaiser 2:08.66, 5. Ava Vial 2:11.36, 9. Gabby Vitela 2:15.09, 10. Taylor Harris 2:15.12, 11. Namie Edge 2:17.28
200 Freestyle Relay –  1. Elayna Krupp, Juliana Petrak, Riley McNicholsAnna Eriksson 1:35.82, 5. Livia CastroGillian Boal, Karen Krosy, Kellie House 1:39.17, 6. Mary WolffMartina StefinecRylie KennedyMoa Karlsson 1:43.21, 7. Fabiana D’AmbrogioAbigail DolliverAmber SaxonAnais Constantinides 1:45.47
1 Meter Diving – 1. Grace Ellis 286.58, 2. Sarah Butt 253.65, 3. Kylie Mosset 242.93, 4. Julia Januszewska 242.93, 5. Zoe Smith 234.45, 8. Malika Haver 201.15, 9. Elise Snyder 199.13
3 Meter Diving – 1. Elise Snyder 248.40, 2. Zoe Smith 247.80, 3. Sarah Butt 229.35, 4. Julia Januszewska 226.80, 6. Malika Haver 195.15

Up Next
The Falcons will look to get back on track next weekend as they host the Eastern Michigan Eagles on October 30 at 1 pm in Cooper Pool. The Eagles will be opening their season against the Falcons.

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