Is Fear Holding You Back?

Swimming podcast feature is courtesy of Champion’s Mojo, a SwimSwam partner.

It’s almost Halloween when we sometimes like to be scared. But when we are standing behind the blocks or taking on a challenge, wouldn’t it be nice to be confident instead of fearful?  How does a person declare victory, and overcome their worst fears? What scares you? How can you face your own stories about yourself — and change them for the better?

Expert Professional Coaches and fellow swimmers Christen Schefchunas and Brian Bergford share some powerful tools for gaining confidence and facing your fears on two inspiring episodes of the Champion’s Mojo Podcast. You’ll be glad you downloaded them for your success toolbox.

Listen or Download Christen Schefchunas (Episode # 125), a confidence coach who has worked with Olympians like Natalie Hinds and Hali Flickinger. She’s the author of the new book 30 Days to Confident. Hear about facing your fears to gain confidence. As a former Division I head coach, Christen watched too many women miss out on their potential because of their lack of confidence.
Listen or Download Brian Bergford (Episode #117), a current Masters National Champion and peak performance coach with rave reviews. Brian discusses how he overcame having a debilitating fear of having his face submerged in water. He tackled his fear head-on by taking up swimming at the age of 30. You’ll be inspired!

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About Champion’s Mojo: Kelly Palace and Maria Parker are the hosts of the award winning podcast, Champion’s Mojo, where they talk with champion guests, including over 50 Olympic Swimmers and Olympic Coaches.  The Champion’s Mojo podcast discovers techniques, mindsets and new wisdom for growth and success. Not only are Kelly and Maria both world-record holding athletes, they are certified Health and Life Coaches, sisters-in-law and best friends. They are passionate about helping others achieve their goals and overcome life’s adversities. Champion’s Mojo is part of the CG Sports Company and is produced by Kabra Media.

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