#IMWC St George: ALL of the UK & Ireland Female Age-Group results

It wasn’t the traditional October in Kona, but the delayed 2021 IRONMAN World Championship in St George, Utah on Saturday delivered some great racing and challenging courses. The Pro races of course saw your new IRONMAN World Champions in Kristian Blummenfelt and Daniela Ryf.

Every IRONMAN World Championship also features plenty of exceptional amateur athletes competing in the age-group ranks, and here I take a look at the UK and Ireland Female Age-Group results from St George. ALL of them!

Below you will find two tables featuring the results of every entrant, ordered initially by overall time, and then by category in the second table.

(EDITORS NOTE: The full listing of GB & Ireland entrants was extracted from the official participants list pre-race. If there is an error or you are missing, then a) apologies (!), and b) that is probably why. Please do get in touch if that is the case ([email protected]) and I’ll get things updated for you.)


Topping the the UK & IRL speed charts is Hilary Hughes. Hilary qualified at IRONMAN Lanzarote 2021, where she was the second quickest amateur overall. No stranger to hills then! As well as being the fourth quickest female age-grouper of the day in St George, that also earned her second place in the F35-39 division.

Hilary Hughes

We highlighted Jo Wright pre-race – and she was another qualifier from IRONMAN Lanzarote 2021, where she finished just nine minutes behind Hilary. A very similar result in Utah, where a 10:21:17 clocking saw Jo take third place in F30-34 and fifth overall across all female age-group athletes.

Joanna Wright

There was an excellent result form another athlete we noted pre-race, Rebecca Duxbury. Now married since her original entry, Rebecca Anderbury was part of the Zwift Academy Tri Team for this event, and 10:55:10 saw her take second place in F25-29.

“By far and away the toughest race of my career” was her assessment!

Rebecca Anderbury

There was a podium in the youngest division, F18-24, for Jasmine Holmes. Jasmine had previously won her category at IRONMAN UK in both 2019 and 2021.

Jasmine Holmes

All UK and Ireland Age-Group Female Entrants – Fastest First

BIBNAMECATEGORYCOUNTRYCAT POSTIME3237Hilary Hughes35-39IRL210:13:573313Jo Wright30-34GBR310:21:173607Rebecca Duxbury25-29GBR210:55:103077Laura Fairhurst40-44GBR1011:31:323024Jenny Evans-Hill40-44GBR1611:56:263353Roxy Woodfield30-34GBR1611:57:483540Emma Yates50-54GBR812:06:163123Claire Harrison40-44GBR2512:45:493635Jasmine Holmes18-24GBR212:57:443601Remi Simpson25-29GBR1213:08:513247Marie Llewellyn35-39GBR3613:24:463722Andri De Wit45-49GBR2713:41:373522Susan Dawson50-54GBR3014:06:483483Paula Cook50-54IRL3614:24:233096Lorna Hopkin40-44GBR7315:22:183411Marie Staunton55-59IRL3015:33:093493Tracie Mcguire50-54GBR5815:41:053638Hannah Gillespie18-24GBRDNFDNF3049Zoe Savage40-44GBRDNFDNF3494Jordan Blanco50-54GBRDNFDNF3516Felicia Long50-54IRLDNFDNF3168Elizabeth Gannon60-64GBRDNFDNF3608Laura Rothwell25-29GBRDNSDNS3178Deb Munton60-64GBRDNSDNS

All Great Britain and Ireland Age-Group Female Entrants – By Category

BIBNAMECATEGORYCOUNTRYCAT POSTIME3635Jasmine Holmes18-24GBR212:57:443638Hannah Gillespie18-24GBRDNFDNF3607Rebecca Duxbury25-29GBR210:55:103601Remi Simpson25-29GBR1213:08:513608Laura Rothwell25-29GBRDNSDNS3313Jo Wright30-34GBR310:21:173353Roxy Woodfield30-34GBR1611:57:483237Hilary Hughes35-39IRL210:13:573247Marie Llewellyn35-39GBR3613:24:463077Laura Fairhurst40-44GBR1011:31:323024Jenny Evans-Hill40-44GBR1611:56:263123Claire Harrison40-44GBR2512:45:493096Lorna Hopkin40-44GBR7315:22:183049Zoe Savage40-44GBRDNFDNF3722Andri De Wit45-49GBR2713:41:373540Emma Yates50-54GBR812:06:163522Susan Dawson50-54GBR3014:06:483483Paula Cook50-54IRL3614:24:233493Tracie Mcguire50-54GBR5815:41:053494Jordan Blanco50-54GBRDNFDNF3516Felicia Long50-54IRLDNFDNF3411Marie Staunton55-59IRL3015:33:093168Elizabeth Gannon60-64GBRDNFDNF3178Deb Munton60-64GBRDNSDNS

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