From ‘a dark spot’ to a magical moment – McCauley on Texas win

Jocelyn McCauley had a very special weekend, winning IRONMAN Texas on Saturday and celebrating her eldest daughter’s birthday on Sunday.

But the route to get there was not at all straightforward for the 34-year-old star as she fought through negative thoughts to destroy the opposition at The Woodlands.

Eventually Jocelyn would come home more than 12 minutes in front of fellow American Lauren Brandon, but first she had to overcome those thoughts.


Writing in an Instagram post, she revealed: “I’ve never had a dark spot hit me at mile 30 in an IM. I started having thoughts of: why do I do this, I’m not even good at this, this is crazy etc

“I’ve had negative thoughts before though and so I started to try to reverse it by thinking of my whys and filling my mind with gratitude. It wasn’t working this time so I went back to the negative thinking. It was just plain easier.”

It was at that point that Jocelyn’s daughter Emi, who celebrated that birthday a day later, would unwittingly play a part in her mum’s victory.

Jocelyn said: “Then I realized I wasn’t making my own choice in how I felt. I was letting my environment dictate what I felt. This is something we talk to Emi about.

“You have the ability to make a choice in how you feel every moment. Sometimes that choice is super hard to make though! Remembering I had the choice was the start then I started praying for help to make that happen. I can’t say it was all peachy the rest of the race, but it was definitely a mind switch at that point.”

‘The moments we live for’ – McCauley

When it was all said and done Jocelyn broke the tape first, to claim a victory that she will remember for ever.

“These are the moments we live for and moments we go compete for hours to achieve,” she said.

“My parents were there, my friend that has become family, and my hubby and daughters. Wins take a village and I’m only the face of that.”

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