FINIS Smart Goggle Now Syncs With Apple Health App

Courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner.

FINIS Inc., the international swimming company that designs industry-first, highest-quality products to help swimmers of all ages and levels, today announced it will integrate its FINIS Smart Goggle, powered by Ciye™, with the Apple Health platform. With this integration, swimmers are now able to track their workouts in real-time and share performance results with their friends, family, and coaches directly in the Apple Health app. Additionally, users will gain an improved swimming experience as they’ll be able to rely solely on the FINIS Smart Goggle to share data with Apple Health, and no longer need to wear a watch during their training sessions.

The FINIS Smart Goggle is a wearable swim goggle with a heads-up display that enables swimmers to see their splits, set times, rest times and other results in real-time while keeping a free field of view during their swims.

The integration of the FINIS Smart Google into the Apple Health app is designed to make it simpler for swimmers and wellness enthusiasts alike to monitor and record all activities on iPhones, Apple Watches, and other Apple devices that feature the Apple Health app. Workout data gathered by the FINIS Smart Goggle is streamlined and becomes available with other individual health information provided by Apple Health. This new feature helps swimmers to analyze trends over time, make improvements, and monitor overall health while keeping users accountable and motivated.

“The Apple Health app is one of the most popular activity tracking tools for managing daily workout and health metrics,” said John Mix, co-founder of FINIS, Inc. “The integration of our FINIS Smart Goggle with Apple Health will provide iPhone and Apple Watch users around the globe with a comprehensive dashboard of all their activities and make this information easily accessible at their fingertips.”

Offering in-depth performance reviews using data recorded by the FINIS Smart Goggle, the app also features the ability to export workout data to CSV files for those swimmers who prefer to keep an ongoing record of their training sessions, workouts and progress in spreadsheets.

The Apple Health app and the FINIS Smart Goggle integrations are currently scheduled to be available on Friday, October 29, 2021.


Founded in 1993 by Olympic Champion Swimmer, Pablo Morales, and former collegiate aquatic sports athlete, John Mix, FINIS Inc. is an international swimming company that designs industry-first, highest-quality products to help swimmers of all ages and levels learn to love swimming and enhance their skills for life. Through its commitment to product innovation, education, and community, FINIS helps advance the sport of swimming while making it more accessible and enjoyable for all.

FINIS introduced the monofin into the United States market in 1993. Today, FINIS monofins are used globally by Olympic champions and aspirational mermaids alike. The Original Swimmer’s Snorkel, a FINIS invention, is used by over 1M people worldwide and FINIS was the first to use cutting-edge bone conduction technology to deliver underwater music through products like the Duo and Amnis Stream. The company’s latest product, the FINIS Smart Goggle, continues a legacy of swimming industry firsts. FINIS offers a wide selection of swimwear, training gear, and electronics for kids and adults. For more information, please visit; Instagram: @finisswim, Facebook: @Finisinc, and Twitter: @FINISswim.

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