Israel Beaujolais Race

Hulda, Israel Hulda,

They say that the French know how to live well, and their traditional Beaujolais Race proves that they also know how to enjoy running. That’s why we brought the race to Israel!Forget everything you knew about racing: no competition, no timekeeping, no goals and no records to break. The Beaujolais Race is characterized by a …

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Sibenik 10K Race

Šibenik, Croatia Šibenik,

Šibenik is one of the fastest growing Croatian cities in the current decade. The city has raised one of our greatest athletes, Dražen Petrović, in an excellent position and with a great history. Celebrating his birthday in late October, we remember his greatness and his work ethic and approach to sports. The Šibenik race starts …

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Reykjavik Autumn Marathon

Reykjavík, Iceland Reykjavík,

The Reykjavik Spring and The Reykjavik Autumn Marathons are two races with a history that goes back 23 years. The Reykjavik Autumn marathon is the last big race in Reykjavik in the autumn. It is always held on the first day of winter the Saturday at the end of the 26th week of summer. In …

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Thames Trot Ultra

Oxford, United Kingdom Oxford,

A tough run along the Thames from Oxford to Henley. Ever changing scenery on the river with beautiful houses and traditional rowing club houses. This is one of the best waymarked routes we have come across.This is a great race with everything from tarmac paths to muddy trails, using the banks and towpaths of England's …

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Trail Costa Vicentina


With the support of the Municipality of Santiago do Cacém and the Municipality of Sines, an event called "TRAIL COSTA VICENTINA" will be held on October 24, 2021 at 08:30 hours.The trail will be crossed by the beautiful and unique trail of the Costa Vicentina between Santiago do Cacém and Porto Covo, in a course …

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The Stirling Scottish Marathon

Stirling, United Kingdom Stirling,

A run through history… from Stewart kings to the American War of Independence.You start and finish your 26.2mile journey at The Kings Park, the nation’s oldest Royal Park. Before a mile has gone you skirt the 17th Century monumental gardens of The King’s Knot, which were in place for the Scottish coronation of Charles 1 …

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VPBANK Hanoi Marathon


The VPBank Hanoi Marathon is a major and official marathon of Vietnam which has been held annually in October in Hanoi. The VPBank Hanoi Marathon has been accredited by the IAAF, officially certified by Grade A Measurers of AIMS and affiliated with the Vietnam Athletics Federation (VAF). The marathon became an AIMS official member in …

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New York Liberty Virtual Run

New York, United States of America New York,

Running in New York is legendary- running is freedom. Take part in this very special event, with runners from all over the world, and receive the exclusive medal in the design of the Statue of Liberty!Included: Starter number (for printing)Access to the portal with ranking listCertificate (for printing)the exclusive medal in the design of the …

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Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon

Kyiv, Ukraine Kyiv,

On October 23–24, 2021 you get a chance to remember what it’s like to #runtogether with thousands of other participants, you get to experience the emotions you’ve missed so much. October 23–24 is the time for the fourth stage of the Ukrainian Majors Running League 2021 — the legendary 12th WIZZ AIR KYIV CITY MARATHON …

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Copper Canyons Endurance Runs

Urique, Mexico Urique,

The Copper Canyons Endurance Runs encompass much more than just a race. These 'running pilgrimages' are created as a cultural exchange that introduces you to the beauty of the lands, the people, and the culture of the Sierra Tarahumara. The events also allow the local athletes an opportunity to interact and share experiences with international …

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