2021 FINA World Cup Budapest: Day 3 Finals Live Recap


We’ve reached the third and final day of the second 2021 FINA World Cup meet. Things will get started with a swim from Matt Sates in the 400 IM and he will certainly be the one to watch. In the past two weeks, he has downed the world junior record in the 200 free, 200 IM, and 400 free, leaving this event ripe for the taking.

Follow along for a live recap and analysis of that race and more here:


WR 3:54.81 SETO Daiya JPN 20 DEC 2019 Las Vegas (USA)
WC 3:57.25 SETO Daiya JPN 30 SEP 2018 Eindhoven (NED)
WJ 3:59.15 SETO Daiya JPN 13 DEC 2012 (TUR)

 Matt Sates – 4:04.21
Balazs Hollo – 4:09.07
Hubert Kos – 4:09.24

Matt Sates continued his dominance during the 400 IM final, notching a 4:04.21 for the gold medal which was a bit slower than his swim last week of 4:01.95 but was still enough to win by almost 8 seconds. Sates hasn’t been able to reach Daiya Seto’s world junior record in the event but has recently downed the 200 IM, 200 free, and 400 free marks.

The big battle here was for the silver medal as Hungarian compatriots Balazs Hollo and Hubert Kos went 2-3 in the event, separated by just 0.17 seconds. This is Kos’ second podium finish at the 2021 World Cup and is an improvement upon his 4:09.49 for silver last week.


WR 7:59.34 BELMONTE Mireia ESP 10 AUG 2013 Berlin (GER)
WC 7:59.34 BELMONTE GARCIA Mireia ESP 10 AUG 2013 Berlin (GER)
WJ 7:59.44 WANG Jianjiahe CHN 6 OCT 2018 Budapest (HUN)

Cavan Gormsen – 8:16.76
Isabel Gose – 8:19.62
Leah Neale – 8:20.55

Cavan Gormsen had another gold medal-winning swim in the women’s 800 freestyle, adding to her win in the event at the last World Cup meet in Berlin. Gormsen was quicker here in Budapest, hitting an 8:16.76 compared to her prior swim of 8:22.16. That swim for Gormsen gets her even closer to Kate Ziegler’s 8:12.19 unofficial US junior national record which she swam at a FINA World Cup meet back in 2006.

Isabel Gose trailed by just three seconds, notching an 8:19.62 for silver which was over her entry time in the event of 8:17.18. Leah Neale rounded out the podium in an 8:20.55.


WR 54.61 SJOSTROM Sarah SWE 7 DEC 2014 Doha (QAT)
WC 54.84 DAHLIA Kelsi USA 6 OCT 2018 Budapest (HUN)
WJ 55.64 SHKURDAI Anastasiya BLR 1 NOV 2020 Budapest (HUN)

Linnea Mack – 56.77
Maria Ugolkova – 56.81
Maaike de Waard – 57.12

Versatile Linnea Mack picked up a gold medal in the 100 butterfly as she dipped under 57 seconds and just out-swam Swiss 200 IM victor Maria Ugolkova. The swim for Mack is her 3rd fastest performance on record, trailing the 56.48 and 56.76 that she swam earlier this year at the International Swimming League.

Maria Ugolkova’s performance on the other hand marked a new best time for her and a new Swiss record. She actually set the former NR just last week at the Berlin World Cup meet when she swam a 57.00 but has now become the first Swiss woman to crack 57.

Dutch swimmer Maaike de Waard also shaved some time off her PB, getting from a 57.83 in Berlin down to a 57.12 here for silver.


WR 21.75 SANTOS Nicholas BRA 6 OCT 2018 Budapest (HUN)
WC 21.75 SANTOS Nicholas BRA 6 OCT 2018 Budapest (HUN)
WJ 22.34 MINAKOV Andrei RUS 18 DEC 2020 Saint Petersburg (RUS)

Tom Shields – 21.99
Szebasztian Szabo – 22.24
Vladimir Morozov – 22.52

After just missing the mark at last week’s World Cup meet, Tom Sheilds has thrown down a new American record in the 50 butterfly, hitting a 21.99 to reset Caeleb Dressel’s 22.04 from 2020. Shields has become the first man in American history to get under 22 in the event, improving upon his 22.09 from Berlin.

Shields is now in elite company as one of 6 men in history to have swum a 21-second 50 butterfly and is only 0.24 seconds away from Nicholas Santos’ 2018 world record of 22.75.

#3 all-time 50 butterflier Szebasztian Szabo was next in a 22.24 which is slower than his lifetime best of 21.86 as well as the 22.19 that he swam for silver in Berlin. Vlad Morozov was solid here, hitting a 22.52 which is the fastest time he has swum since 2018. Olympic gold medalist in the 200 fly Kristof Milak came in 4th here with a 22.64.


WR 1:58.94 McKEOWN Kaylee AUS 28 NOV 2020 Different Area (AUS)
WC 1:59.35 ZEVINA Daryna UKR 26 AUG 2016 Chartres (FRA)
WJ 2:00.03 FRANKLIN Missy USA 22 OCT 2011 (GER)

Kira Toussaint – 2:02.09
Minna Atherton – 2:02.39
Kennedy Noble – 2:05.33

It was another national record breaking-swim in the women’s 200 backstroke as Kira Toussaint delivered a 2:02.09 to take out Sharon van Rouwendaal’s 2:02.47 from nearly a decade ago in 2011. Toussaint nearly nabbed the mark back in 2020 when she swam a 2:02.60 PB and was a little further off last week when she swam a 2:03.44 in Berlin.

Toussaint now holds the Dutch short course records in all 3 backstroke events, having swum a 25.60 world record in the 50 back in 2020 and a 55.17 NR in 2019.

Minna Atherton didn’t quite hit a new PB here, swimming a 2:02.39 for silver which is over her 1:59.25 PB from 2019, as well as her 2:01.40 season-best from September. American junior Kennedy Noble came in for third with a 2:05.33.


WR 48.33 STEWART Coleman USA 29 AUG 2021 Napoli (ITA)
WC 48.88 XU Jiayu CHN 11 NOV 2018 Tokyo (JPN)
WJ 48.90 KOLESNIKOV Kliment RUS 22 DEC 2017 Saint Petersburg (RUS)

Tom Shields – 50.50
Yakov Toumarkin – 51.64
Daniel Diehl – 52.27

The Tom Shields train kept on going after his American record-breaking 50 butterfly as he swam to victory in the men’s 100 backstroke. Shields won the event by more than a second with his 50.50 swim, ahead of Yakov Toumakrin’s 51.64 for silver.

Shields holds a PB of 50.15 from back in 2013 and this swim constitutes his 4th fastest performance in the event. The sub-51 swim is a marked improvement upon the 53.78 he swam at the first 2021 World Cup meet.

Toumarkin’s swim was a little slower than his 51.20 PB which he set in 2018 as well as the 51.34 he swam at last week’s meet in Berlin. American juniors Daniel Diehl and Quintin McCarty battled it out for bronze but Diehl got the upper hand, notching a 52.27 for third place to McCarty’s 52.29.


WR 28.56 ATKINSON Alia JAM 6 OCT 2018 Budapest (HUN)
WC 28.56 ATKINSON Alia JAM 6 OCT 2018 Budapest (HUN)
WJ 28.81 PILATO Benedetta ITA 21 NOV 2020 Budapest (HUN)

Nika Godun – 29.81
Lydia Jacoby – 29.97
Emma Weber – 30.73

Russia’s Nika Godun and Lydia Jacoby engaged in a head-to-head battle for gold in the women’s 50 breaststroke and pushed each other under the 30-second barrier. That’s actually the first time either of them has been under 30 seconds in the event, improving upon their respective PBs of 30.11 and 30.04.

While she couldn’t quite catch Godun, Jacoby’s swim marks a new unofficial American junior record in the event which she previously held at a 30.04 from last week in Berlin. Jacoby took that mark from Lilly King’s quickest swim as a junior of 30.13 and is now just a second off King’s American record in the event of 28.77 from 2020.

Emma Weber and Anna Sztankovics followed in 3rd and 4th as Weber reached the podium with a 20.73 and Sztankovics followed closely with a 30.93.


WR 2:00.16 PRIGODA Kirill RUS 13 DEC 2018 Hangzhou (CHN)
WC 2:00.48 GYURTA Daniel HUN 31 AUG 2014 Dubai (UAE)
WJ 2:03.23 BEST TIME 14 DEC 2012 (TUR)

Arno Kamminga – 2:02.07
Fabian Schwingenschlogl – 2:05.84
Zhier Fan – 2:06.18

Arno Kamminga has had the breaststroke events on absolute lock at the 2021 FINA World Cup series. At the first meet Kamminga pulled off a 3/3 victory in the breast events and with this 200 win, he has won both the 100 and 200 in Budapest, as well as a 2nd place finish in the 50 breast.

Both Kamminga and silver medalist Fabian Schwingenschlogl were a little slower than they were at the Berlin meet when they hit times of 2:01.92 for gold and 2:05.37 for bronze, respectively.

American junior Zhier Fan earned bronze with a 2:06.18 and actually also swam a little slower here than he did in Berlin. There, he was a 2:06.06 for 4th place to Kamminga, Schwingenschlogl, and silver medalist Marco Koch.


WR 50.25 CAMPBELL Cate AUS 26 OCT 2017 Adelaide (AUS)
WC 50.58 SJOSTROM Sarah SWE 11 AUG 2017 Eindhoven (NED)
WJ 51.45 SANCHEZ Kayla Noelle CAN 14 DEC 2018 Sheffield (GBR)

Emma McKeon – 50.58
Michelle Coleman – 52.07
Madi Wilson – 52.16

Every time that Emma McKeon races the 100 freestyle, Cate Campbell’s elusive 50.25 world record seems to get a little less secure. McKeon recently threw down a 50.96 in the event to get under 51 seconds for the first time and with this swim, has gotten down to a 50.58 to tie Sarah Sjostrom as the 2nd fastest woman in history behind Campbell.

Sjostrom swam a 50.58 at a 2017 World Cup meet, while Siobhan Haughey and Ranomi Kromowidjojo (the only other women under 51) swam times of 50.94 in 2020 and 50.95 in 2017, respectively.

Michelle Coleman of Sweden and McKeon’s Australian compatriot Madi Wilson were quick enough to reach the podium but couldn’t touch McKeon, posting a 52.07 for silver and a 52.16 for bronze.


WR 1:39.37 BIEDERMANN Paul GER 15 NOV 2009 Berlin (GER)
WC 1:39.37 BIEDERMANN Paul GER 15 NOV 2009 Berlin (GER)
WJ 1:40.65 SATES Matt RSA 3 OCT 2021 Berlin (GER)

Matt Sates – 1:41.51
Kyle Chalmers – 1:41.60
Kristof Milak – 1:42.61

The highly anticipated rematch between Matt Sates and Kyle Chalmers in the 200 freestyle with new addition Kristof Milak did not disappoint. Milak and Sates were actually tied for 1st at the 50m mark, both splitting 23.50 before Milak pulled ahead and lead the way at the 100 with a 49.86 to Sates’ 50.11.

At the halfway point Chalmers was actually 4th with a 50.24 while Danas Rapsys split a 50.20 for third. The top 4 rearranged itself in the second half of the race, however, as Sates managed to overtake Milak, and Chalmers managed to rise from 4th, overtaking both Rapsys and Milak.

Sates took the win in a 1:41.51, trailing his WJR from a week prior of 1:40.65, while Chalmers was also a little slower than the 1:40.82 he swam last week. Rapsys’ 4th place swim of 1:42.80 also marked a slower time than the 1:41.17 he swam for bronze in Berlin.

Milak was the only swimmer in the top 4 to establish a new PB, hitting a 1:42.61 to shave 2 seconds off his 2014 PB from 1:44.62, as well as his prelims swim of 1:45.62.


WR 2:01.86 HOSSZU Katinka HUN 6 DEC 2014 Doha (QAT)
WC 2:02.13 HOSSZU Katinka HUN 31 AUG 2014 Dubai (UAE)
WJ 2:04.64 SANCHEZ Kayla Noelle CAN 14 DEC 2018 Sheffield (GBR)

Maria Ugolkova – 2:06.99
Ilaria Cusinato – 2:08.78
Viktoria Gunes – 2:08.94

Maria Ugolkova has been on a Swiss record-breaking tear this season, having downed the 100 fly, 200 fly, 100 IM, and 400 IM NRs over the course of 2 weeks. She hasn’t yet been able to reach the 200 IM record, however, which she currently holds at a 2:06.59 from 2019.

Ugolkova won gold in this event at the first 2020 FINA World Cup meet with a 2:08.01 but got down to a 2:06.99 for the win here, sitting just 0.40 seconds above her NR.

Italian record holder Ilaria Cusinato was also a little slower than her own PB and national record which sits at a 2:06.17 from 2018. Cusinato swam a 2:08.78 for the silver medal, followed by Turkey’s Viktoria Gunes who swam a 2:08.94 for bronze. Gunes made it 3-for-3 national record holders on the podium considering that she is the fastest Turkish woman in the event, having swum a 2:08.88 earlier this season for an NR.


USA – 1:41.21
RSA – 1:43.68
SWE – 1:44.37

The United States juniors were back in action for one final swim at the FINA World Cup series, hitting a 1:41.21 world junior record which improves upon the 1:41.55 that they set at the first meet in Berlin. Quintin McCarty opened things up with a 24.07 50 backstroke leg, followed by breaststroker Zhier Fan (26.75), Charlotte Hook (26.27) on butterfly, and freestyler Kristina Paegle (24.12) to close it out. That’s almost the same team as last week’s winning contingent except that Hook was subbed out for Tess Howley.

South Africa was second overall with a 1:43.68 in the relay, while Sweden notched a 1:44.37 to collect the bronze medal.

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